the next generation of Dance as Art

A fun and easy craft for any dancer old enough to use scissors.

You will need 1 paper ballerina for each project.  Here is a link to the drawing that I used for my ballerina base arabesque.docx

An additional sheet of paper and a pair of scissors is also needed to complete the project.

1.  If using the file above, print the page (please note the file is in landscape orientation).  Otherwise, draw or trace your dancer's base body line and then cut out the picture around the outline.

2.  Fold a letter sheet of paper on the diagonal so you have a triangle with a small rectangular edge.

3.  Cut the rectangular edge off and fold the resulting triangle in half to crease the paper.  Then unfold back to the larger triangle.

4.  The two corners from the long edge down to the point.  They should be on either side of the folded line.

5.  Fold this square backwards into a triangle.  Cut shapes into the triangle to create your design.  Be careful to leave at least some of the folded edges in tact to avoid separating the paper completely.  Once the design is cut, trim a small corner (about 1/4 - 1/2 inch) off of the top where all of the folds are.

6.  Unfold your snowflake and carefully thread your cutout dancer into her tutu.  Depending on how long her tutu is she can either stand up or you can attach a string with some tape and hang her.







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