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As recitals get closer and competition season starts to heat, many teachers and choreographers find themselves spending time to burn cd's of music for their students to practice to.

Here's an idea that can bring in a little income and save you some time (another way of bringing in more income).  Best yet it doesn't involve breaking the law like burning and distributing cds does (even if you don't charge them, it's still unauthorized distribution of copyrighted works and the fines can run $10,000 per occurrence). 
i tunes and Amazon both have affiliate programs for their music collections (you aren't going to retire on it, but every little bit helps and it's money coming in as opposed to fines going out).  If you are using music that is basically "off the rack" - maybe a cut or fade at the beginning or end, create an affiliate account for Amazon and i tunes and then send the parents the link generated by your affiliate account.  The parents can then go to the site and download the music. 
Save even more time by setting up a recital page on your website that just lists the class and song and then embed the links to the music right. Save time and space with costume picture displays by putting the picture of the costume online next to the link of the music.

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