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How Is Music Beneficial For Children?

For children, music provides innumerable benefits. Given are the top 9 benefits that your child can enjoy if she or he learns music.
1. Enhanced mental advantage-several studies have shown that children who are exposed to music show better academic achievement. Participation in music at an early age can help improve a child’s learning ability and memory. Music helps stimulate different patterns of brain development. Music also helps stimulate the parts of the brain that are related to reading, and math.

2. Patience-the present day world is marked with instant gratification and materialism. It is of the utmost importance to teach our children the value and virtue of patience. Music inadvertently teaches patience. Children are taught to play music together in a group and wait for their turn. When they are playing in a band or an orchestra, they are made to wait and play when their turn comes otherwise the music that is produced is like a cacophony.

3. Self-expression-music is a very effective tool in teaching children the art of self-expression. It gives them pleasure and lets them express themselves, their emotions, and feelings in a very effective and beautiful manner though.

4. Peace of mind and inner soul-music is a great means to unwind from the stress and worries of life. Though children may not feel the stress and tensions as adults too, they may sometimes feel lonely or upset. Disagreement with parents, arguments or fights with siblings, and conflicts with peers at school are some of the issues that may disturb children. To help them deal with such situations, we should make children learn music. Music lets one experience inner peace. It enables one to connect with one’s true self and live a balanced life.

5. Building bonds with others-it is found that children who learn music are able to connect well with others. They learn how to relate with others and how to work as a team and appreciate the rewards that come from working in and as a team. This is a very crucial life skill and music helps children stay connected with others and build valuable bonds.

6. Confidence-it is very important to build confidence in children. Confidence is the driving force for all things in life. It enables one to pursue one’s dream and strive for them constantly despite of all challenges. If you want your child to develop confidence, make them learn music. Music makes them feel confident. They find that they can develop a skill and they can become better and better.

7. Discipline-when your learn music, you have to practice a lot to improve what you have learnt. This teaches discipline to kids. They are taught to be attentive in class and practice what they have learnt when they go back home. Music makes children disciplined and this helps them in other areas of life too.

8. Creativity-music is a creative pursuit and be it Indian music for children or Western music or any other form of music, it fosters creativity in children. Creativity is good for the mind, body, and soul.

9. Health prospects-Indian music has many health prospects for children. The sounds in the classical music are played in tune with the nature, allowing one to experience peace of mind and seek within themselves. When one listens to the Ragas or Tala the mental patterns are transformed. People who are suffering from stress and other ailments can benefit a lot by learning Indian music. The spiritual nourishment that one gets from the Indian music is very f...
Teach music to your child and let him or her enjoy the many benefits.

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