the next generation of Dance as Art

The reason behind the title of the abc for dance curriculum series

Teaching dance is more than have a student copy steps that you dance.  It is about teaching a solid foundation that can be built upon.  Encouraging students to look at the qualities that make up a movement.  Including expression in class and performance and kindling a passion for learning the art and sharing it with others. 
There is a certain spark, that elusive something, that makes you want to watch one dancer a little bit more than another.  This can't always be taught, but it should always be given a nuturing and supportive environment to show itself. 
Our goal as teachers should be to create well rounded dancers who learn how to think, create and react as well as they dance.  This background will give them the self confidance they need to trust themselves and share more than just their steps with the audience.
Too often students are precluded from following their dreams into a professional career due to gaps in training, injuries (often from over use or poor bio-mechanics) or burn out.  While a very small percentage of students will become professional dancers, we should train every student to their full potential.  The skills that are taught during a well rounded and presented dance education carry into every aspect of a student's life and help to shape them into the people that they will become.

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