Dance Props - Part 2 - Macarons


Super lightweight and easy to make in a variety of "flavors" these macaron cookies are a great prop to make during camp environments as no heat or water are needed in the preparation.


Model Magic clay - white (it took just under 1 lb of clay to make all the macarons shown)

Regular art markers

Wax paper

2 inch circle cookie cutter

Directions -

**I chose to wear gloves working with the clay because it makes clean up easier.  Placing wax paper on
 the work surface keeps the clay from sticking and helps maintain the shape.**

1. Divide the package of clay in half.


2. Color the clay with a marker on both sides.

3. Knead the color into the clay.  

4. Repeat until the clay is the color you want.  The color does not significantly change as the clay cures.


5. Take a small amount of clay and make a ball.

6. Roll out the ball until it's the thickness you want.  I used a marker as my "rolling pin". 

7. Use the cookie cutter to cut your circle and tear the excess clay off.  The rough edge makes it look more realistic.

8. Continue until all your clay is used and you have an even number of disks.

9. For a white filling, use just the plain clay.  For a flavored filling, repeat the marker dyeing wit

h a small amount of clay.  The green cookies were originally filled with white and then I used a thin marker to color the edge of the filling but it was very challenging to keep it off of the cookie layers.

10.  Use your fingers to flatten a small ball of the filling clay and use the cookie cutter to make your circle.  For the filling, smooth / round the edges with your fingers.


11. Place a cookie half (right side down) and then place the filling on it, top it with another cookie half (right side up) and place it on a flat surface.


12. Allow the cookies to cure for 24 - 48 hours.

13. For a prop that won't move during a dance routine, glue the cookies in the arrangement you want on a paper doily.  Then double side tape the doily to the serving tray.  This will allow you to more easily re-use pieces for future props.

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