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Thank you so much to those that are still keeping tabs and have an interest in what I am going through. I have alot of news, and I thought I would share from my blog the biggest news there is in my life. Feel free to share around if you so choose and comments always welcome. (posted from )

Shimmer of Glimmer

Since sitting on the latest news for a few days, I happened upon an ad in National Geographic Canada. A neighbour thought I would enjoy the magazine as it was addressed to another neighbour that has moved out. There in the first page that I turned to was what can possibly be my glimmer of hope.

It sounds like stuff that tales are made of, that first page I turned to was an ad for MyCare insurance. This is specific insurance for Canadians who can get care from one of the Mayo Clinic's three campuses.

I called the Mayo Clinic, mostly to see if this was true, what the catch was, and in the off chance I might be able to get on a wait list that would most likely be a couple of years away.

Spoke to very kind people, and I decided to choose the Arizona campus as it is close to San Diego where I will be in the winter and the friends that are close by. The woman took my story, and called me back after speaking with the Lupus specialist there. The specialist offered to see me, and as early as January 2012. I spoke with financing and they said the insurance would work but they only had one person so far. There is no guarantee that MyCare will take me because of pre-existing condition, however the Mayo said they will do what they can to "
get this ballerina back on her feet".

I have been teary for days it seems. - This is a giveforward page set up by my dear friends and caregivers in America to help with the costs that will be required to the financial costs of the Mayo Clinic.

I am amazed, humbled and so grateful for the donations, the kind words, the sharing - and efforts already. Please do feel free to share, twitter, facebook, google +,  emails, circles, never know how this will help touch my soul and many others, including the face of awareness.

Thank you so much. From the soul of my toes and out my heart.

This is a shimmer of a glimmer of hope that I thought was lost.

Love, Rhi

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