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Have some time (about 12 minutes)?  Try this barre stretch series after you've already done some large full body movements for at least 5-10 minutes to get the blood moving through your system and your core temperature warmed up. 

Remember proper alignment is crucial for the effectiveness of any stretch or strengthening routine.  To gain the most benefit, never sit and hold the stretch but always feel like you are moving the 2 ends of the body away from each other.

I use a 3/4 adagio or stretch music allowing 1 measure per movement (excluding body alignment transitions).  For an idea of tempo a band labeled 16 8's is approximately 4'20". 

Start facing the barre, right leg up to the side, both legs turned out , heel over the barre (place a small towel or other padding on the barre if needed.  Standing up tall with the weight over the supporting leg,

plie', stretch, eleve' and lower 3 times,

change the right hand position to hold under the barre and left arm overhead to stretch towards the leg 

Repeat 3 plie', stretch, eleve' and lowers maintaining the laterally flexed position

Still in lateral flexion, rotate the torso towards the ceiling 

Turn back to side and recover to standing

Change hands and stretch sideways away from the leg - keeping the barre leg turned out

Plie', stretch, eleve', lower 3 sets in the laterally flexed position

Rotate towards the ceiling

Return to side and recover to standing

Rotate the body so the torso and hips are facing the leg on the barre in a croise' front position (most people will need to hop away from the barre

Plie', stretch, eleve', lower 3x

Stretch forward over the leg on the barre

Plie', stretch, eleve', lower 3x with the forward bend

Recover to standing

Cambre' back and recover

Rotate the torso and the foot on the barre to face the barre squarely, arch of the gesture leg now on the barre, standing leg parallel

Bend the barre knee and lunge forward, keeping the supporting knee straight and the torso vertical for a total of  4 measures

Stretch the barre leg straight and try to maintain the chest towards the thigh as you stretch forward

Repeat the lunge and stretch a total of 4 sets

Keep the arch of the foot on the barre and open the leg to the side.  The standing leg turns out and the barre leg is knee bent and turned out, lunge into the barre leg side for a total of 3 measures

Recover to standing tall 1 measure

Repeat for a total of 4 sets

Keeping the knee bent, slide the foot in front of the body and turn the leg out to a front attitude position, the supporting leg is rotated back to parallel. (like a pigeon stretch from yoga but on the barre)

Keeping the back leg straight and body tall, lunge forward by slightly tucking the pelvis under as your weight shifts forward.  3 measures

Recover to standing 1 measure

Repeat for a total of 4 sets


Carefully take the leg off of the barre and lower it to the floor


Repeat with the 2nd leg


Finish with sliding into splits on both sides and center if it is appropriate for the dancers.



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