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Planning Ahead for Fall

Spring is almost here and that can mean only one thing to studio owners and teachers - getting the fall schedule together.  In these times of economic uncertainty, planning and cost management can mean the difference between profit and shutting the doors.  Here are some ideas to think about while you have time to plan changes that can help your bottom line:

Website - does your website reflect the atmosphere and personality of your studio?  Is it…

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Stretching / Flexibility

Dance Teacher Magazine published an article on stretching in January 2010 that I had been interviewed for.

You can read the article here

I'd like to clarify one statement attributed to me in the article. "Start by emphasizing that while a strong pull during stretching is…

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Your Studio Legacy

How do you measure the success of your studio? Do you look at the number of students, current or former who are successfully employed in the field of dance? Is it the number of trophies, plaques and ribbons displayed on your shelves? The size of your studio, number of students or profit? I challenge you to look at something more tangible, the character of the students who cross your door step. I was reminded of this fact in April of 2009.

My mother was…

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Bone Health and Dancers

As more information comes to light about Osteoporosis, it seems that many dancers may be at a higher risk than the average person.

Research is now showing that women lose up to 25% of their bone density in the first decade after menopause. Many sources are now suggesting that women get a baseline bone density report done right after menopause instead of waiting until 60 or 65.

Males generally are not screened until they are 80 unless other risk factors are present.



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Dance - Teaching Beyond the Steps

The reason behind the title of the abc for dance curriculum series

Teaching dance is more than have a student copy steps that you dance.  It is about teaching a solid foundation that can be built upon.  Encouraging students to look at the qualities that make up a movement.  Including expression in class and performance and kindling a passion for learning the art and sharing it with others. 
There is a certain spark, that elusive something, that makes…

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