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Can I use a Screen Name rather than my Real Name on the site? places significant focus on providing professional networking opportunities to those in the industry, including Teachers and Studio Owners.

If you wish to participate in the private groups for Teachers Only or Studio Owners Club, then for our authentication purposes and for community safety and sanity, your real name must be used in the appropriate field in your member profile.

If you do not wish to participate in these private areas of the site then you are free to utilize a screen name in your profile.

Moderators on the site will be instructed to have less tolerance for bad behavior from members that utilize a screen name.  If you want to be outrageous or rude, do it under your real name and you might survive to fight another day.

You may find you need two membership accounts here.  One for the private boards and another using a screen name for the public areas.  To achieve this you must use a second email account as the user name for the second membership.


Can I blog, write, photograph or draw for

Our current plans are to keep this site redux focused on social networking and community generated content.  We probably will not be attempting to publish any columns or regular features as in the past.

You should find a 'blog' link under your photo on My Page.  If you are inspired to write or otherwise share your work then please do so.  If it is good, let people see it.  If you earn some regular readers or if we spot and like your work, we'll make sure to find a place on the front page for you.


What about Commercial use of this site?

For now, just don't spam the message boards or blast friend requests out to members.  Be respectful of the site and members, and let them find you by posting interesting content that catches the eye.

We won't be jumping into the advertising model in the near future.  We are far more likely to first ask and then insist that our corporate friends take out paid subscriptions to have a presence here.


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