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on Cathy Roe Competition.  Have heard mixed messages from various other teacher / owners.

If you've been there, I would appreciate your impression.


Thank you!

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I was at the Arlington, TX regional last year. 


On the plus side, well organized, staff was polite and professional, sound volume was good for the performers and at a comfortable level in the house.  Venue was Texas Hall - great venue.  Had 1 judge (not sure of his background, but he was the only male and both the females were the local judges) who had exceptional comments.  Went well beyond the point your feet / pretty smiles and got into the qualities of movement, shading of musicality, dynamics etc. I also like the way they recognize the top choreography.


Cons - 2 local (as in Arlington based teachers) judging out of the 3 judges.  Not sure I would bring a modern routine there again.  Had a piece that was done in the Horton style, that got the weirdest comments.  The routine started with triplets into a spiral hinge to the floor and one judge said "make sure you smile on that twisty knee thingee"....  that was one of the better comments.  There was a point where one of the judges said that since it was in the modern category she expected to see modern elements like contractions, flexed feet and rougher transistions. 


The jazz, tap and lyrical comments were pretty much the pointe your feet, smile, stretch your leg variety from 2 out of 3 judges. 


I appreciate your input.  My only reservations is local judges.  

And on another note... congratulations on presenting a modern work in a recognized style.  Brave move.  Bravo.  Never had the pleasure of taking class from Mr. Horton, but did study with Bella Lewitzky one summer at Idyllwild.  My hat is off to you for presenting a dance as a work of art and not how many tricks and emotional arm gestures one can work within the time limit.


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