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Tried to get Weissman's on Thursday for 90 minutes and had to give up.  friday it took 30 minutes.  Costumes that were ordered on Nov. 9 had a ship date of Dec. 18 and still aren't here.  Customer serivec rep said "oh, no one called you?"  NO! No one called me.


The things are supposed to ship next week with one of the items not coming until the end of the Jan.  this is so unlike them and totally unacceptable.


Check your Weissman orders!

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Yikes.  Thanks!  I think we just PLACED our order....
I placed an online order with Weissmans two weeks ago and received it all this week.

I have had several mishaps lately with them. I have always placed orders online with them, and have never had a problem. Until recently, they underwent some UPGRADE of their system, which now has their inventory, all....F'd UP! So if you try to place online, 2/3 may be on back order or no longer available.


So I was told that I needed to call my order in if I wanted to recieve it. So I have had to call my last 3 orders in and I probably have stayed on hold for over 4 hours~ Today when I called them, they were having computer issues, so what should have took 3 minutes to order at the longest took almost 35 minutes. And that was me talking to them, no hold time. For 10 items.....

I have had problems with their sizing and overall quality for 2 years now.


Last year, we ordered a our competition costumes from them. When we received the costumes, several of the straps were not attached correctly. They were supposed to criss-cross in the back, but ours were just twisted like they had been "over-crossed". There were holes in the seams of two of the costumes and there was even a hole in the material of another! When we asked them to fix the costumes, they told us that we would have to return them and the next ship date was going to be after our second competition. We ended up having to have a seamstress fix the problems and we paid her out of our pockets.


This year, we ordered competition costumes again hoping that we wouldn't run into the same issues. This time, 3 of the 8 costumes we ordered had funky sizing. Two of the dancer's measurements fell exactly into child large according to their charts. We ordered an adult small to be safe. The adult small was way too small! Think how bad it would have been if we had ordered according to their chart. When we called to ask what could be done, they told us that they were having "production issues", whatever that means. We sent them back and ordered from another company because we, again, couldn't get them in time for our first competition.


I love their designs and their prices, but it is not worth the trouble!

I ordered some competition costumes with them back in October... they took the deposit out of my account, but then I realized earlier this month that I had not gotten any sort of confirmation or anything.  I called and they said they were having issues with their online ordering (I ordered online), but that they had my order.  I had a balance to pay, so apparently they were holding my order and waited for me to call them... how am I supposed to know my order is ready?  Normally, companies just take the balance amount when they ship.


Luckily, we don't seem to have had any production issues or anything like that.  All of the costumes came and fit well.  The only complaint is one costume with a half skirt came totally unattached, so we have to have all of them sewn on.  Just a minor complaint, but why couldn't it come attached?


I have my recital order to place this week... maybe I should call it in!  Thanks for the heads up!

I placed my orders before Thanksgiving & got them all last week. They sent me the wrong size on 1 costume - was on hold for 20 minutes 2 days in a row to be told "Sorry we can't get you a replacement until April 1st". I even offered to pay extra to expedite the correct one out & she just repeated herself "Sorry ma'am we have no costumes in stock & cannot get you one until April 1st" (I need it much sooner). I also had left 2 costumes off that order (Thought I ordered them when placing my online order, but they were not printed on my final order) & again the rep was of no help. With the money that is spent at these companies, you'd think they'd want to help at least somewhat, especially when it's their mistake. This rep sounded like a broken record & offered no help. I am taking the costume to my seamstress for a panel in the crotch & found the 2 costumes needed on WCT in stock. They'll be here this week.
The studio I work for has been using Weissman's for over 20 years.  Recently, however, the company has been completely unreliable.  Our costume deadline was over a month ago and we are still trying to get 6 costume orders (about 40 costumes all together).  Their product is constantly on backorder and the customer service is horrible.  This will be the last time we ever deal with Weissman's.  I would stay away from using them at all cost.
I will assume we will all get a mass apology letter with explanation in the summer. Possibly some type of discount code too to try and retain some business.  We had backordered costumes and they have all now arrived.  Our recital is June 26th so we have a huge buffer compared to many schools.
My costumes all finally came in too. I had to really be proactive. It was VERY difficult getting in touch with anybody, but when I finally did, she did her best to rearrange the backordered sizes to something they had ready to ship.  I had never had any problems with them before, but I wouldn't want to go through this grief again.  The costumes were really cute and well-made too. It's a shame.
I wouldn't count on the apology letter...they don't think they are doing anything wrong.


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