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Hi Everyone,

I am wanting to do a toy box theme but having trouble coming up with ideas and music.  All ages and all styles of dance.

I already have Im a Barbie Girl for barbies, ABC Boogie for building blocks, a baby doll song, a crayola song but cant think of anything else.  I appreciate any help.  Thanks Sherri

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If you are looking for ballet music, La Boutique Fantasque  by Rossini and Respighi has character music.  As does Fairy Doll.
I will have a whole list for you tomorrow -- it's at the studio from when we used that theme a few years ago.

Music Box Dancer


You've Got a Friend in Me - it's from Toy Story so you could go that route or just that you have friends play with you

Speed Racer for matchbox cars?  Or any multitude of car songs for that matter

Could you include cartoons in your theme?  Might give you some more ideas


I just did a "toy story" dance for my boys class and it was the biggest hit at our recital. A few songs we used were: Ninja rap- vanilla ice- for ninja turtles. nintento theme song for mario and luigi. I've got no strings for pinochio. Crank that solja boy- superman (it was just the "superman"lyric we used- not much of this song is clean) i hope that maybe helps a little?
Thank you all for replying.  I will check out some of these songs.  I am having trouble finding something for older teenage girls.  Annie can you check at your studio for your list for a toy theme. Thanks

Toys in the Attic is a good one for Jazz teens and older

Do you Wanna Play?



I did this a few yeara ago and had a great time with it, lots of great music. You can email me at and I will send you a list.
Bobby McFerrin has a song called Kids Toys that works for a light and whimsical concert jazz or modern piece--possibly with Tiana's Toys in the Attic theme from above.

How about Wind me up by Gwen Stephanie? like a wind up doll.


Brittany Spears has a toy soldier song.  You could also use any song and give them a toy to dance with - like a jump rope or basketball.

My old dance teacher used to do an instrumental of Sweet Georgia Brown and do a Globetrotters number with basketballs. It was so cute!


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