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I have been a member for years.   I can not get on these boards.  What am I doing wrong.  Help.


I posted a note a few days ago and I do not see it.  I am having trouble navigating this new web site. 


Please help me.  I always have questions, and enjoy reading about all the other members and they ideas and concerns.


So please let me know. 


Thank you.

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To get to the studio owners board -

1st - make sure you are signed in.  If you are you will see your name on the top dark grey border.

2nd - click on the private boards on the top menu

3rd - click on studio owners club from the menu that drops down from private boards


You will then be brought to the list of discussions (posts).  The post with the most recent activity will be on top.   Click on the name of the post you want to read and then inside that post you will options to reply, read other responses etc.


If yo uwant to start a new discussion there is a + sign with the word add next to it above all of the discussions.  Click there and you can start your new post.


Hope that helps.



Your missing posts generally wind up as private emails to danceart.  I can't turn them around and post them on your behalf and am frustrated to see this happening to you without understanding what the cause is.

I have two ideas for you.  First, check your profile here and see if the member called 'danceart' is in your friends list.  If so, drop that friend which should make it more difficult to send private emails to this account.  Then try to start a new discussion on Studio Owners that just says 'testing.'  

Later if new posts start vanishing on you, please try using a different web browser or different computer to do a few test posts from.  It is very possible that your computer is not displaying something correctly and that gets things confused when you go looking for the correct links to click on.

Also let us know if you are posting from a cell phone or tablet rather than a PC or Mac.

Hope to hear back and maybe we can get this resolved without too much additional pain.  





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