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we are doing:


DMI,  our DMA, KAR, Showstoppers and Starpower

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We are doing one local Calgary comp, Dance Power and Champions (all Canadian comps).

We are going to the Pulse this summer in NY :)

No comps this year.. but I am judging for Elite Talent in NJ this year.  Great comp, with great judges (if I do say so myself) and most important to us is that the critique's are fair and generous .  Generous with information.  Anyone interested please let me know and I will forward your information to the directors. No I do not own this comp but a friend is the owner and she does a great job!

Encore DCS, Showstopper, Celebration Talent, Star Talent, and Ultimate Starz.

We are going to Encore Talent Productions in St. Louis and nationals in Ohio,

KAR in Kansas City, and our teen/seniors are going to Rainbow Connection in St. Louis

hall of fame, ustd, nds

DanceXplosion (solos/duos only) then taking the entire team to National Dance Showcase, Dancer's Inc., & one more... just now sure where

Star systems, Hall of Fame, Headliners, Sophosticated Productions and Applause

only our second year competiting.  Did Headliners and Sophisticated Productions last year.


We are trying a new one this year--Nextstar.   I'm not excited about it but it's convenient.  We also do Showbiz and (not popular here I know)  StarQuest.  Our dance families love SQ because it's so organized, and the critiques are spot on.

I really like nexstar. I love how we get the critiques on a thumb drive. Everything they have had to say in the past years have been very accurate. They have always been very organized and the backstage workers are so supportive and respectful. I moved out of town and thus to a new studio this year and we do not have a Nexstar competition close to us this year or we would attend.


We are going to Legacy, HTE, Dance Showcase and our Nationals is a cheer competition (we also have gymnastics and cheer at out studio so we try to keep them together for support if possible).

We are doing Starsystems, Showstoppers, Nexstar, and KAR  2nd yr with comps, last year only did the first two. 

see, why am i not doing competitions?... they just scare the mess out of me!- i always feel out of the loop b/c we don't do them , nor was i ever in them myself....    dang....


i am paralyzed by fear from pursuing this! Geesh...... hmmmmm food for thought...

We are going to VIP (our first time).  Creation Dance Champs, and Talent On Parade.  Would have loved to be able to do more but just these 3 are pushing it with the finances of our team parents.  Fundraising did not go well.  Seemed like those that really needed it most did the least, and those who could afford did well.  We do carwashes and popcorn sales for group related expenses (props, accessories, etc.). We did candle and pie sales individually.  If you sold you got credit directly to your team account if not no funds for you.




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