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What's your favorite tap music for class for preschoolers?

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I have used a lot of music by Joanie Bartels. A lot of different songs to choose from and its great music for them without feeling too "babyish" Hope this helps!

I like Joanie Bartels too, along with some Sugar Beats.  These are the cds I use a lot:


- Drew's Famous Party Music - It has Tutti Fruitti, Peppermint Twist, Lollipop Lollipop, Lion Sleeps Tonight, Splish Splash, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - lots of good stuff.


- Blue Suede Sneakers - Elvis songs sung by different artists


- Kidz Bop Beatles.

I'll have to check out Joanie Bartels. I've heard a couple of her songs but haven't used her music yet. I too like the Sugar Beats! I use a lot of music like that and then I have a lot of instrumental songs like "Baby Face", etc. that I love and they're such a great tempo. I'm just looking for some new ideas. Thanks!

I use music off of:


The Cartoons

Lots of kids movie soundtracks



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