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What are your favorite pointe shoes and why?  Thought it would be fun!!

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My favorite has always been the Eva.  They're German shoes and have the most beautiful balance!

They look put together very well.  When I looked them up I found some on sale.  Here's the link :-)

I think they're still made by one maker who assembles the whole shoe.  That's a really good price for them.  They were always more expensive than most shoes and really hard to get because only one or two stores carried them.


What kind of shoes do you wear?

My current favorites to wear are Mirella Advanced (MS101A) the shank works well for my foot and the box is wide enough across the metatarsal that I don't get the compression in the bunion areas.  I do wish the box was about 1/4 of an inch shorter to make the transition through demi pointe better for my toe length. There could be a tad more taper for me as well.  But it's a nice lightweight shoe and the low cut sides work well for me.

Before these shoes came out my favorite was Grishko Elite in ss shank with the heel cut down about 1/4 inch.

My all time favorite shoes were a discontinued Repetto style.  Beautiful, lightweight, short box, just enough taper between the metatarsal and toes to avoid sinking and a wonderful shank for rolling through... 


For my students it all depends on their feet.  I can't say that I have a specific brand or style I recommend but I do tend to prefer starting them in a softer shank because of all the roll through work I teach during the first year of pointe and I don't like them thinking that the shoe is there to hold them up :-).

I used to LOVE Repetto!.....betchya u have gorgeous feet on pointe  miss Piat!
Ha - I have Fred Flinstone feet - short toes, not a high arch at all, but they are good for pointe because they are strong and I have good ankle mobility so being secure on the platform is not an issue.... I do however suffer from foot envy when I see someone with beautiful feet :(
yeah, i see judy rice's feet and think...WHY?????????????? LOL- but she worked for that arch......i have short toes ,  not so high arch also.... BADDDDDDDDDDd ankle ankles are soooo loose it is ridiculous....HAHAHAHAHAHAH.... sooooooooooo glad i am not teaching pointework!  i worry enough as it is on demi pointe! LOL!

cashew feet...thats what she calls them



I like Bloch Aspiration.   My daughter likes Bloch Signature Rehearsal. 


I currently use Russian Pointe Entradas and I really enjoy them! The way the breakdown is so much easier to jet glue and they give my feet a perfect fit and plenty of support.


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