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just wanted to say..if you haven't used a parachute to teach waltz/balance` simply must buy a parachute and try was a total hit with my 4-8 year olds...... they thought i was going to do the stuff they do at school and were very surprised when we did something different! Then they showed their parents in the lobby...seriously surprised me how much they liked that!

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What exactly do you do???
Shannon, can you please make a you tube video demonstrating this! I would love to try it... :)

okay, you know what they look like? They have handles on them..... each kid turns to the side with on hand holding on to the handle.... other hand on hip ...or second.... and what i have them do is walk small 2 measures and then tall two measures ..then small , tall, tall, small , tall tall, down up, up, bal anc e`..then turn around do it the other direction... was looking in Kiddance notes from tts from dma at kent state from 1992 and low and behold there it was!- i only have a SMALL parachute ..a bigger one would be get mad if they have no handle..LOL- oh and of course when you walk small the parachute stays the same , when the walk "tall" they all lift it up.... teaches them to move together too b/c if not the parachute gets out of control...........


Pacific Play Tents 18005 Funchute Parachute - 6 Foot Diameter




I love it!


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