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We are doing a competition piece where the 10 dancers, ages 10-12, are mannequins. How do I put them in a costume/dress but also make them look unreal, like mannequins?  I was thinking of using white unitards that cover as much of their body as possible and white wigs. Maybe a white hood that has a whole in it to show their face. Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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I always though it would be cool to paint eyes on their eyelids.  Then whenever they are mannequinns they can close their eyes and there would be a white eye ball painted on there.

There's also those plastic hair wigs that look pretty cool, but it might be a little too much.

Thanks for the cool ideas. Any thoughts where to get those wigs? I tried but can't seem to find them.

NOOO idea, sorry.  I swear I saw them on a show but I have no idea where or when.


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