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Just over a month away, activities to promote National Dance Week 2013 are starting to pop up across the country.  National Dance Week is the time to celebrate and dance and promote fun fitness. 

This year, NDWF is promoting their 2nd annual Flash Mob.  Studios, schools, performance groups and groups of people who like to dance are encouraged to participate in this fun event on Saturday April 27th at 2 PM.  The choreography for the official Flash Mob is available for free at  You are welcome to use the choreography as is, adapt it to your dancer's needs or come up with your own dance.  If you want to share the fun with the world, video your performance and enter it into the National Dance Week Flash Mob competition.  Order your official Flash Mob T shirts by April 9th and you can get the name of your group printed on the back for free.

Do you teach in an academic environment?  Use some of the free National Dance Week lesson plans to integrate dance into all different subject areas during National Dance Week.  These lesson plan ideas are available on the NDWF website for instant downloading.

If your school, studio or group has other events planned for National Dance Week, please reply to this post with the information so we can help you to share your events and ideas. 

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San Francisco, CA area - join in the Flash Mob being held at the 14th Annual How Weird Street Faire.  Check out their website for more details.

Northern NJ area - join the Flash Mob at Mary Lou Hale's School of Dance.  In celebration of their 50th anniversary, studio director Karen Hale - Assante is welcoming any area dancers, groups, studios or schools to join in and create a real dance community event.  Please contact the studio at for more information.


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