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Hey everybody, I just wanted to see if I could pick your brains a little. I have been looking for too many hours to count. I have a musical theater line for ages 6-16. I have some stronger dancers some more recreational dancers. I have a 10 year old boy that is an amazing dancer, and a15 year old boy who is an amazing actor. I was going to do Transivania Mania, but it is not quite right. I was going to do a medley if Little shop. We have done Bye BYe birdie and Music Man in the past. Pleas help!!!! I promise to help back when I can.

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Step in Time from Mary Poppins the Musical is OUTSTANDING

so is Supercalifraga.... SO GOOD

I don't think any of those would really highlight the boys though.  Maybe check out that Spiderman musical, I heard it's the pits but haven't listened to the ST yet.

Thank you so much for responding. I cherish everyone's advice. We decided on be our guest from beauty and the beast.


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