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Have a big group of teens that I am lost for Music Theater this year. We have done, chicago, wiz of oz, mama mia. My young group is doing Aladin this year and our theme is colors of the world. I need something with a lot of song for a 8 minute routine. Any ideas??

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I'm not familiar with the music, or if this might be a religious consideration, but is there anything from Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat?  (Is that even the right name?  I'm a bit brain fried right now.)


Or maybe something from Godspell?  Just cuz there are a lot of colors in the outfits.  Stuff from Seausical is also great.  Those are just coming to mind because there are a lot of colors in those shows.

they sound good, id have to watch them. I've heard of them, jut never got around to watchin em.
legally blonde the musical love the music from this!!!


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