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I was looking for a program that would allow me to edit/splice together music. i have used windows movie maker but the quality itsnt good. please hlep!

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I use Magix Music Maker. Works great. I got it a long time ago at circuit city.

Thanks =)
Thanks =)

Sony Acid Music (something like that)

There, at one point, was a free demo for a month online.  I was able to edit all my music in that month :)

Then I bought it because it is really good :)

ill check it out =)


My favorite is a program called Audacity. You should be able to just do a quick google search to find it. It's free to download and has a lot of really good features that are great for blending two songs together without being choppy. When you first open it, there aren't a lot of bells and whistles so it doesn't look very promising, but play around and go through the drop down menus and there are tons and tons of things it does!

Something I've found that helps with splicing.. I make a new track so that there are two showing, and leave about an 8-count extra on each song so I can easily line up the rhythms and see if I need to adjust tempo. Then you can either cut it exactly or play around with fading in the new song and fading out the old song however drastically you want it

Audacity is easily the best sound editing program. At first the program looks a bit overwhelming, what with all the icons and buttons, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to quickly create remixes of music. Some features of it include: removing voices from songs, splicing or overlaying songs, and there are tons of effects you can use. Let me know how it works out for you!


I've been using Adobe Audition for ages and love it.  (it used to be cool edit)  you can cut music, speed up and slow down without changing pitch, you can also highlight words and 'flip' them  so that they are unrecognizeable.  fade in, fade out.....its great


I also use Adobe Audition and LOVE it for making medleys/combining songs.

Haven't figured out though how to speed up/slow down tracks though and I would really love to know how you flip the words to make them 'appropriate'. Could you share your 'how to'?



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