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Any hear when the Kelle catalog is coming out? I know it is always the last one, but we are ordering now and I really want to see it before I make final decisions.

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it was really late last year
The ONLY new thing I have seen is a ad on the back of Dance Canada Quarterly and it is a picture of a face really close up with half a bird masquerade style masque on it...  I am waiting on this catalogue too. It is so totally annoying that our entire studio order is held up from all catalogues.  We don't order from the other books until this one comes in because we might like something better out of it. I think they do it on purpose...

It shipped today!  One of my dancers is on the cover:)



We got it yesterday! I love the cover. It is beautiful.
Just got mine yesterday.  Lots of repeats....lots of cheap lycra!
Yeah, it Is a lot like last year. I was hoping they would have the costumes I need, but my search is on.
Mine arrived Friday.
I got mine last week
Finally got ours this week. Half of it is from last year for sure.


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