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Has anyone received their Kelle order yet?

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Yeah, we got a lot from kelle right on time. The costumes look great!
Got mine today.... Very very very happy!
I got mine a few weeks ago - about 3 weeks earlier than expected.  We did a very small order though.  They came out nice.

I had a fairly large order with them and received them about a month ago.  I ordered the beginning of December.  The only think I don't like about Kelle is that the lyrical costumes are full biketards underneath and the shorts ride up.  Wish they could make them 2 pieces, like a bra top and shorts (shorts a little longer)

Also, some of their other costumes are really short, more like a leotard bottom instead of shorts.


I guess I should add, our dancers don't wear tights thats why it is a problem.  

Ours came yesterday!  I'm thrilled with the cut and fit.  I can see not wearing tights as being a huge problem with some of these costumes.


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