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Do any of you have a music editing program for ipad that you love?  I really want to find something that works, but no such luck.  Any help would be appreciated!


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It is easy to overlook some of the music composition applications that can double as music editors.

For example, on the Mac, modern versions of GarageBand (free and preinstalled on Macs - upgrade for $15)  will let you import multiple songs.  Splice and transition and shift tempo as you need.  If you don't have time to explore the app - make an appointment at the local Apple store for a free class.

GarageBand on the iPad lacks some of this functionality.

NanoStudio from Blip Interactive on the iPad would be worth a look.  I haven't tried it but it is well regarded.  Expect that it will be better on an iPad 2 than the first version of the device since the 2 has more memory available - something you'll want if you are splicing several songs together.

Thanks so much.  I have the ipad2 - but garage band just wasn't doing it for me.  I'm going to check out NanoStudio!


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