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Well, I was contemplating attending Headliners Natioanls this summer. We attended regionals this past weekend and I got my answer as to whether or not we should go. Two words; NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

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What happened?

I went once and I hated it.... the judges on the audio were down right rude.  I can take constructive critisim and I really take what judges have and utilize it as a way to grow, but the judges were sarcastic and down right mean for no reason.


What was your experience?

Let's start by saying my dancers did extremely well and every award was spot on. That being said, I was shocked at the offhanded way they handled awards. Let's face it, the kids work hard and they want their recognition, their moment in the sun. At Senior solo overall awards I had three dancers in the top ten. When they got to number one, they announced another one of my dancers but said a different studio name. My dancer could not have won 1st as the other three placed higher than she did. After about ten minutes they announced it was the right studio (not mine)  but the wrong dancer. They gave the award to the girl from the other studio who deserved it, and then told my dancer, in front of everyone, "You keep that medal you deserve it, honey". She was mortified. They could have handled it better. 


Next day they give out High Score Overall awards for groups. They do small and large groups for junior, teen, and then only large groups for seniors. When awards were over I asked where were overall awards for Senior Small Groups? They said they had a problem calculating the numbers and would announce it at the end of the night. By the end of the night half of my seniors had left because they did not need to stay for solos and duets. When I told them this they said "well the girls who are here can just pick up the group awards". Our seniors took the top five places and half of them were not there to be recognized for this.


The entire attitude was that they really did not care that their errors were presented in a very offhanded way, as if they did not care. There were numerous other issues, with judges giving out Special awards to one of our dances for the "BEST HIP HOP CREW". It was for a JAZZ DANC!!!!. They also wanted to give us a choreography award but did not know the name of the dance or the choreographer that they wanted to award.

It was just a huge display of incompetence and not giving a you know what. As I said, Never Again!

I strongly dislike Headliners as well.


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