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I can not get this format.  This is impossible.  The old format was so easy.  I've copied the instructions many times to no avail.  Please help.  I've been on the Studio Owners for years.

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Judy I made some changes thinking it would help but never checked one important thing before now.

You don't appear to be a member of Teachers Only or Studio Owners - which could explain the posting difficulty.  Now this could be wrong since I'm looking at the membership list which has been known to hide full members from us.

Click on the Private Boards menu at the very top, and select Studio Owners.  You should see a yellow area with text telling you to click to request access.  The text link you need to click on are the words 'click here to request access' even it if doesn't look clickable.  

Repeat this for Teachers Only if you wish, then wait for the emails saying we've processed your request.




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