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Am I doing something wrong?  I have to go through 3 boards (pages?) to get to the email.  First I log in to DA, then I click on email, then I have to go to the link that takes me to the log in page.  Lots of pages to go through to get to email.

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It should improve considerably in the next few days since we won't need the instruction page or old server any longer.



ok, thanks much!

All done.

If you access email from the tab up top - you don't need to first log into to  Tab now goes straight to email login.

Or just go directly to

I keep getting this email.... is something wrong?



Your remote mail server is in ERROR. 3 unsuccessful retrieval attempts have occurred. Web-Based Email has disabled automatic retrieval for the account listed above.

Web-Based Email encountered a problem while trying to retrieve remote mail for the account listed above. There is a problem with the server or your username/password are incorrect. You may visit the 'Options, Remote Mail' section of Web-Based Email to check your settings.

Everyone seems to be getting that, suggesting Josh has turned off the old accounts.

I've deleted the temporary transfer addresses and updated member accounts to stop checking the transfer account.



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