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I was wondering if anyone had heard anything lately about Dynamite competitions.  We were supposed to attend this in Lynchburg the weekend of March 19-20, but heard there was a problem obtaining the venue, and the date and/or location might have to be changed.


I have called, sent several e-mails, and posted inquiries on facebook, but have had no replies.  I started these contacts about a month ago, so it was before the holiday came upon us.  I do have a plan B for the reserved weekend, but I need to let parents know right after the break what the fees will be, and when they will be due.


If anyone has any information on Stepp and/or Dynamite, I would appreciate it.  Thank you!

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I don't know anything about it, but I do know, any competition that can't get back to a person after calls, emails, and facebook inquires, is not a competition I would feel confident was on the ball this year.  Something must be going down and it doesn't seem good.

We've been going to Dynamite and/or Stepp With Me for the past 3 years, as we have a small company, and the venues are very close to us.  That's why I find it rather odd I have not heard back from anyone, and why I'm a bit concerned.


At this point, I'm planning on going with plan B, and going to the competition just a bit farther out.



I have sent you a private message regarding this.


-Riley :)

They are not good at communicating, timely or at all.  I attended his 1 day workshop and it wasn't bad (this was years ago) but never attended Dynamite.  My daughter performed in a professional show with him where he was the guest performer and he's a talented and nice man.  I know his partner in business and life, died and things were harder for him in many ways for a while.  I haven't seen him in about 3-4 years.


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