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Any reviews or help discussion on Danceworks computer software? Specifically looking on if new "sessions" can be started without deleting and re-posting student info? i.e. semesters or summer sessions. 


Thank you!



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Thanks for the reply! We are working on setting up new system. We were surprised that this was the only way to keep student account information from previous year e.g. If somebody had an unapplied payment from previous year to apply towards the next semester. It seems like a bit of a work around.

Was this surprising to anybody else who uses danceworks? Does the copy session to new session present any problems? We are concerned that it spreads history out amongst multiple sessions? Did this deter anybody - and did you find another program suited your needs better? We have 950 students across two studios so we need to make sure this program suits our size.
If you don't choose to "clear all transactions' then unapplied payments from previous years still show up. I have found it easy - one or two clicks and boom, all my info is there ready for the next dance season!


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