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To all of you who teach or own studios, competition or not: has the TV show "Dance Moms" made any difference where you work? Have more children registered for dance classes, hoping to become the next "star?" Are students working harder because they were inspired by the show? Have more moms begun to feel that they should be yellers in order to get their way? Are people asking more about competitive dance?

I am chatting on the Lifetime board about this show, and how it bears little resemblance to any studio I ever worked in. Along comes a poster who asserts that children all over the country are now inspired to work harder because of Dance Moms. Now, I can say that it is what happens between the students and the teacher that makes the difference, not the students and a TV show, but I am retired from the dance biz, and would love to hear from those of you still working in dance. I will summarize your comments (not by name) on the other board.

Hope you can weigh in on what, if anything, has changed because of the show "Dance Moms."


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I have students and parents that watch this show, and i DVR of course since i teach every night. I don't see an impact in the studio that you are asking about. We have disccussions about it and how it is really played up for TV. Maybe enrollment might grow next year, have to wait and see. Parents are the same, will always have the ones that feel they need to run the studio for us, but most of our parents are great!

I thought it was silly until it came to my hometown to work with my rival studio. Then I was mortified for the sake of our town's reputation.

It was a terribly difficult pill for me to swallow, and I really couldn't beleive the director was going to subject herself to such a humiliating expectation.

I moved away and I'm looking at starting another studio where I live now, and we will NEVER be a part of that horrible show.


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