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How many of you guys order from Curtain Call based on their packaging? I know we ended up getting all of our recital costumes from them based on the fact that it made our job so much easier! I wish that more companies would do something extra with their packaging. I absolutely love A Wish Come True, but because of their later ship date and the fact that we would have to work faster to package their costumes for our dancers, we did not order from them.

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We "tried" CC last year.  I knew their costumes were quite nice but at times a little pricey for something I consider "recital only" costumes for the most part.  The packaging is what sold us to add them into our big orders.  Also though they have some trendy current styles and a few unique things that I really liked, the quality was more superior than I thought it would be.


I am a huge fan of having every classes costumes hung on a hanger neatly in the studio they dance in on the day we try them on.  So on costume day when they enter the room they kind of get that special feeling when they see their costumes all professionally hung for them on the barre with everyones name on them.  I think it's like Christmas to some of our kids.


We had major sizing issues last year though.  Same old problem.  The skinny tall girls needed AL size for girth only so their costumes were huge :(


But YES the packaging was a HUGE reason we are using them for more this year.  Stick a label on it and done.  Counting was easy too with the sizes clearly marked on the outside of the bag in the same place.

The packaging doesn't add anything to me. By the time I take the costume out of the bag, try it on the kid, re-hang, open up accessories to ensure all are there, etc. I have basically done all the work I'd be doing if it came shoved in a small plastic bag anyways. Beyond that they are too pricey for me.

agreed Meghan.

I don't give out costumes until May, but costumes have to be tried on as soon as we get them was really harder to get costumes out of hanging bags to try them on.

I had costumes from Art Stone & Revolution on hangers last year & honestly, they were just in the way when I hung them as soon as they came out of the box...the rest of the costumes were stacked in boxes...those I hung & I had parents pestering me for weeks because they could see that a few costumes had come in.    Plus, I repackaged everything anyway, so aside from reusing some of the hangers & bags, it was really just a waste.  I reused most of the AWCT zip lock bags too

I have to say, I quite like the draw string bags that Kelle sends.  All the bits go in there and you can open them and close them with no stupid little red tape thing or twist tie.
I am actually a huge fan of Curtain Call... they can be a bit pricey, but the quality is great.  I have never had any major issues from them and customer service is always fabulous.  I think it's definately worth the extra money...  plus they have some great looking costumes in the First Call book!
Costumes coming bagged and hung looks nice, but who hands them out this way without trying them on first? Just as much work with those that come hung as those that come in a bag. I see hangers, bags and lots of work coming my way.

I order quite a bit from Curtain Call just because I like a lot of their costumes.  I really don't take packaging into account when ordering costumes. 


And I agree with Riley - the Fist Call catalog had quite a bit of nice costumes for a very reasonable price.  I've also never had a problem with Curtain Call, so they will stay on my ordering list for quite a while.


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