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ive been looking for "big but simple" and classic hair and makeup for competitions. i have ages 8-13 and i need something that will show up well and help them to all look the same on stage. i was also wondering about makeup kits for the team that arent really expensive and "cheer-ish". i dont want tons of glitter or colors. any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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One of my competitors mom is a hair dresser, I asked her to come up with something for the comp team. I also have a mom that does make up. See if there is anyone that you can utilize.

Or even call a hairdresser to see if they have any ideas or if you can look through thier books.

Some times dollar stores have cheap make up you can put together a kit.

Thanks bunches


I use Jamz cosmetics.... the prima diva look



If you go to their website and choose the side tab - "choose a look" ,  there are video's showing you how to apply the make up, step by step!


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