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Has anyone had issues with getting their costumes from AWCT?  My main order's ship date was April 20th... I had received one class of costumes from them early, back in the first part of March, but nothing else came.  I haven't gotten a shipment confirmation that my large order has shipped... it has several classes of costumes in it and pictures are in 2 weeks... ugggh!


I've never had a problem with them, so I am kind of disappointed!  Anyone else finding their orders are coming late?

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They were awesome for us too this year!

Maybe it is a one off that happened to you?

Good news... they were shipped on Wednesday... should be here today!  Whew.. I was really getting worried!  Now I'm waiting anxiously for those Curtain Call exchanges!  Ahh!  Never a dull moment.. haha :)
AWCT has excellent customer service.  If you have a problem, your personal rep will be of great help. 


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