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Music Control for Movement Classes

BarreNotes - Learns your faves

Hate digging, scrolling, and searching for albums you use regularly? BarreNotes learns the music you teach with. Keeps that stuff front and center. Right where your best students are.

BarreNotes - Tempo control freak

Bend any song tempo to your will. Like magic, with a finger swipe. No buttons to mash, no need to catch a stupid little slider. Swipe left and go slow. Or sloooow. Swipe right for more, faster.

BarreNotes - Stay on Time

Big & bright clock display keeps classes starting on time even when the studio clock is wrong.

BarreNotes - Cut the cords

The freedom to teach from any spot in the studio. BarreNotes is built to walk, dance, and demonstrate with you. Smart enough to ignore your grip and random touches when you are focused on dance. BarreNotes is the remote you don't aim. The remote with full tempo control. The remote that changes albums. From upstage, downstage, the hall or the lobby. If you gotta stay wired, we work with that too.

BarreNotes - Free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the AppStore

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