Teachers: free slow down music app for your phone

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BarreNotes 2.4 update troubles?
Our recent app update shipped with a sneaky bug that will likely cause BarreNotes to crash when starting. The quick fix is to delete the app and reinstall from the AppStore. This will delete your favorites, solving the problem and letting the app work.

The real cure is hopefully to be found in update 2.5 which has been submitted to the AppStore and should be available for download within a day.

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Mixed Berry Crisp


Everyone in the studio coming down with something?  Here's a delicious way to get your daily dose of vitamin C, over 95% of your potassium, over a quarter of your daily fiber and a lot more healthy things.  I made mine in a cast iron skillet, but it works just as well in a glass baking dish.  The nutritional information is based on the…

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Fixing the Fouetté


These are the notes from an class I taught on the subject at the Dance Teacher Summit in 2011.  For clarification, these skills are meant to be cumulative, over years of training and not progressions to be drilled one class after the other in short term training.  If you have been working on fouetté turns with dancers and having a problem…

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Please note that every body’s architecture is unique, so your personal mileage may vary.

Most people have an understanding that the female pelvis changes during puberty and make the assumption that an adult female’s pelvis remains the same post puberty (maybe with some changes during pregnancy), however this is not the case. If you picture a…

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