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Hustle & Swing Dance Class! Oct 2014 in NYC!

Swing & Hustle Dance Classes NYC! Swing starts Fri. 10/3/14 from 7pm!  Hustle(Disco) starts Sat. 10/4/14 from 1pm!  No experience or partner required!  $15/class.  Great workout while having fun dancing our fabulous NYC based dances! …


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Discovering dancewear through social voting.

DancerDeals has launched a new feature named DanceCheck. This service allows anyone to post their favorite dancewear items and vote on others. It's a great way to discover new trends.

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ALIVE INSIDE: The Power of Music is Healing and Real

Michael Rossato-Bennett's stirring new film about the connection we share with music will likely move you to tears - because it's beautiful. Rossato-Bennett explores the healing power of music and its ability to triumph or illness and disease. This is a must see documentary for the human race.

See more at

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New York City Ballet Delights With a Varied Robbins Triple Bill

The All Robbins program offered this spring season by New York City Ballet is a testament to the range and depth of the choreographer’s genius. “Glass Pieces”, the 1983 work to the driving rhythms of music by Philip Glass, is an ideal opener with its masterful blend of postmodern and classical movement styles that call to mind the pulsating urgency of urban life.

On Friday, May 9th 2014, Rebecca Krohn and Amar Ramasar were outstanding in the section of “Glass Pieces”…


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American Ballet Theatre Delights With Gallic-Flavored Highjinks in “Don Quixote”

On the rain-soaked evening of May 16th 2014, ABT delivered a mood-boosting performance of “Don Quixote” for a full house of grateful dancegoers at the Koch Theater in Lincoln Center. Dazzling Gallic-flavored dancing and full-throttle comedy to the music of Minkus helped to push dire flash flood warnings out of the minds of many in the audience. I heard plenty of comments during intermissions by people who said that driving in from the suburbs or sloshing through sidewalk puddles…


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“The Men Dancers, Plus!” Celebrates the Life of the Legendary Frederic Franklin

A roll call of dance greats – performers, directors, critics, and historians – took the stage one after the other at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts in New York City on the evening of May 30th 2014 to share their memories of one of the greatest of them all, Frederic Franklin.


Known to everyone as Freddie, the affable and gifted star delighted audiences during an astonishing eight-decade career beginning with his debut at 17 and closing with his portrayal…


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The School of American Ballet Celebrates 50 Years of Workshop Performances

On June 3rd 2014, The School of American Ballet’s 50th annual Workshop Performance at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater at Lincoln Center once again proved that Balanchine was right when he famously said “But first a school”. That remark was Mr. B’s response after Lincoln Kirstein invited him to come to the United States to co-found a ballet company in 1933. Eight decades later, as evidenced by the overall high level of talent and artistry on stage, SAB continues to deserve its reputation as this…


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Dancers (and their parents) know the lifestyle of a dancer isn't easy - it requires fortitude against criticism, pain, and devastating rejection. The financial costs of classes, clothing, and time from work adds to their sacrifice. Yet, when the drive to fulfill their inexplicable passion carries them forward, their lives are forever changed. This is a fact.
My purpose is to help dancers. My joy is seeing students full of life and floating on clouds. But the underlying storms…

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Boston Ballet Triumphs at the Close of Its 50th Anniversary Season During First Ever Visit to the Big Apple

On June 27th 2014 at the Koch Theatre in Lincoln Center during The Boston Ballet’s first ever engagement in New York City, the company proved to be better than the New York City Ballet at dancing Balanchine. I know I’m not alone in holding that opinion because I overheard several people seated near me express the same sentiment during the enthusiastic applause for Symphony in Three Movements. The principals and soloists were superb, but the corps de ballet was the true star…


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Limón Dance Company Offers Somethings Old and Somethings New

A judicious mix of now-classic Limón works from the 1950s and 1960s along with pieces by current choreographers made for a superb evening of dance on Friday, May 3rd 2014 at the Joyce. For me, Limón’s decades-old masterworks have stood the test of time. Not only that, but I applaud artistic director Carla Maxwell for choosing to keep them alive for today’s dancegoers. As I always used to tell my ballet students, we can’t hang our history on a wall in a museum. The only way to preserve our…


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Expand your craft, technique and creativity in 

a personalized, tailored program.

This is an opportunity for dancers to develop their potential with an emphasis on both dance and theater performance skills. 

Class size is limited to 10 students for the workshop.

Faculty: Anabella Lenzu, Lauren Ohmer & Daniel…


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Dance Theatre of Harlem Celebrates 45 Years After Coming Back from the Brink

Dance Theatre of Harlem’s 2014 run at Jazz at Lincoln Center, the second New York season after a nine-year hiatus, drew to a satisfying close on the afternoon of Sunday, April 27th with a well-chosen triple bill. The beloved troupe, America’s first African…


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Ballet Hispanico Offers Contemporary Dance with a Latin Flavor for a Two-Week Run at the Joyce

Opening night of Ballet Hispanico’s 2014 spring season at the Joyce on April 15th once again featured the fascinating fusion of Latin themes with contemporary movement that has become Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro’s trademark during his four years at the helm.…


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Youth America Grand Prix Comes of Age With Grace, Artistry, and Professionalism

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Youth America Grand Prix, known to all as YAGP, the international competition founded by former Bolshoi principals Larissa and Gennadi Saveliev offered a three-evening celebration at the Koch from April 9th to 11th 2014 that completely converted this former naysayer into a diehard fan. All of my complaints from…


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The School at Steps Draws a Crowd for an Injury Prevention Workshop

On the evening of Sunday, April 6th 2014, an Injury Prevention Workshop wrapped up The Complete Dancer Series for the 2013-2014 academic year at The School at Steps. At $10 per ticket with student discounts, the event attracted an impressively large audience of parents, dance teachers, and dance students. Many of the children looked to be as young as eight or nine. They were by and large interested and attentive, with hands waving eagerly in hopes of getting a…


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Paul Taylor’s 1982 “Mercuric Tidings” Trumps His 2014 Premiere

On the evening of March 20th 2014, as part of the Diamond Anniversary celebration of the Paul Taylor Dance Company at the Koch Theater, the troupe offered a triple bill that included a recent world premiere and an enduring favorite from 1982. The first two,…


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Les Ballets de Monte Carlo Brings Jean-Christophe Maillot’s Darkly Compelling Adaptation of “Swan Lake” to NYC

I’m not a fan of the fact that standing ovations, once reserved for truly superb performances, have become almost routine in NYC. Often, in spite of not being able to see the curtain calls while everyone in front of me is up and blocking my view, I remain stubbornly in my seat if I feel that plain old clapping is sufficient. Yet on the evening of Friday, March 15th 2014 at City Center, I was on my feet with the rest of…


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Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève Returns to the Joyce With a New York Premiere

The evening of March 25th 2014 was opening night for a six-day run at the Joyce Theater of “Glory”, a mostly glorious offering choreographed by Greek-born Andonis Foniadakis for the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève. A press release referred to the piece as “an evening-length work” but that depends on your definition of an evening at the theater. “Glory” is…


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I Say Flamenco, You Say Flamingo!

Like the lyrics of a popular song, "you say tomato, I say tomahto," I say Flamenco, they say flamingo.  Well, a tomato, even when pronounced tomahto, stays a tomato.  Flamenco, when pronounced flamingo, no longer stays Flamenco ---it becomes a pink bird.

One of the greatest challenges I have encountered in the art of Flamenco is explaining what I do.  When I explain that I am a Flamenco ("fluh"-MEN-co") dancer more often than not the response is "Oh, I was in Spain and saw…


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