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Yeah, I wish it was a nightmare...

I ordered 4 sequin shirts from their dancewear section on Tuesday, March 29th.  When I ordered, they all showed "in stock" and that's also what it said on my online order confirmation.  I normally have things from their dancewear section in just a day or two, so when these hadn't come in by the next Tuesday, I emailed to see what the holdup was and got this response:

Dear Sue,


The LC has shipped, the MA is in stock and should ship by the end of the week.


Thank you,


Customer Service


I got the LC the next day & when the MA hadn't arrived by the next Wednesday, I emailed again, since we were hoping to use them for a performance that weekend.  I got this reply:

Dear Sue,


I am very sorry that these haven’t shipped yet. I am personally seeing to it that they ship today, you should receive them tomorrow or Friday, in time for your performance.

Thank you,


Customer Service


No MA's on Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday. Another email asking for a tracking number went unanswered so I finally got thru on the phone today to actually talk to someone & only now am I told that they are unavailable. 

We ordered these specifically as a competition costume because they were in stock dancewear & we thought we could get them quickly.  After I got the first email back stating that the MA's were in stock & should ship at the end of the week, I bought $50 of non-refundable jewelry to match these that I am now stuck with, along with the one LC that they already sent. 


I would suggest that if you have orders pending with weissmans that you get on the phone & start pressuring them.  I've NEVER had this problem with weissmans before but this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

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I received my order (finally) and had 5 MC costumes listed as backordered.  I called them and was on hold for at least 20 minutes.  The customer service rep was very nice, but said they don't expect the fabric for the MC until May 15 and then the costumes still have to be made and I should choose something else.  So....they apparently had no intention of calling to tell me this.  Thanks Weissmans.....but your catalog goes in the garbage next year.  I will not even open it. 
I just received my order this past week. 7 huge boxes that I need to go through and see if it is all here. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!
This year we have had many issues with Weissmans. One big thing is that the hold on the phone can be up to 45 minutes! Not acceptable at all. We have ordered the majority of our costumes from them for years and have loved them. What happened??? Did another company buy them out? We do not plan to order from them next year.

Our service from them has been terribly late this year after many calls (extremely unacceptable wait times) and many e-mails.  They made it all right which I appreciate but the extra gray hairs aren't worth it!

All the stuff came in looking cute, nice style, affordable pricing but over 2 months later than the ship date.  (I ordered at the end of October with a dec. ship date to specifically avoid the hassle of last minute worries.)  Got most everythign in Feb.!  Some leotards mis-sewn, bad dye job on one whole set of things that had to be exchanged for a different style but they did try hard to get it all covered.

But again, after much stress!  Will it be worth MY time and headache to order from them next year?

I company should have anyone on hold more than a minute at the most.  I finally got through yesterday to order a replacement for the costumes they can't get me in time.  I was on hold 45 minutes!   The customer service rep was very nice and very apologetic and hopefully I will have replacements this week.   These are costumes that had an original ship date of April 4 and I was on the phone for a total 1 1/2 hours!

On the other hand, I had a defective Revolution costume.   Called them on Wednesday, an actual live human picked up the phone on the second ring.  She handled the situation immediately and yesterday I received the replacement.  That's the way to do business! 



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