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Gotta love a man in tights!


I don't like that we have to put a profile pic.  I don't really have a generic one and don't want to put one of me or my kids.  Any suggestions.

What about your studio logo? 

would prefer to keep my studio somewhat private.  I am not an owner, and really do not have access to the logo picture. 

Then what about just a random photo of something you like?  

Maybe I am just computer do you download/upload a random photo ?  I only know how to pupload something from My Pictures.

Find a photo you like online, right click on it and choose "save image as".  Then it will be on your computer.  

Thanks tons.

I also stumbled on the required photo. I prefer to keep some privacy, too.

According to the online social network pros, it is really important to the health of the community for everyone to use a profile photo.  That doesn't mean it needs to be a photo of yourself or loved one if the concept makes you uncomfortable.



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