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Hey everyone,

Im Laurel from Sweden and is one of the founders and owners of the Straat dance group.
We are a non-profit organization for youths who have started to glitch away from the society. Straat is located in typical Swedish suburb with social problems. We are working with and have a close connection to schools, governmental institutes and the local police to pick up the kids before someone else does.
We want to give them a sanctuary where they can take use of their creative side and release all spare energy which is stored.

We are now looking for different partner groups in other countries. We have been thinking of starting to perform ex-change travels for our members, study trips and in general - exchanging information with how you are tackling youth issues in your region.
For this we need to reach out. I found this forum on top of Google and I hope you can help.
You are very welcome to contact me either here or on our website.


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