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Hi!  I am doing an Aladdin themed recital this year, and am searching for a ballet song about jewels (they will be in the Cave Of Wonders).  I have found many pretty instrumental songs, but would love a song with words if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks in advance!!

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What age group is it for?
I have never heard it but Musicworks has a ballet of the Enchanted Jewels. It is CD 4057. I do not know if it is all instrumental or not. Hope this helps.

If you don't have to keep it to a "ballet" song, you could always use the original, Marilyn Monroe version of Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend. It's actually pretty slow - and it could be pretty cute.


Thank you all for your replies.  I ended up using a pretty Yanni song, of all things, and even though it is instrumental, it is very easy to count and phrase! Thanks again :)


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