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Hi everyone!
    We're not sure where to post this, so we thought here.  Our friend writes jingles, edits music and does CRAZY cool music mixes.   She is incredible!
No, we do not work for her, or make even one penny from this.  But she is very, very good.  She just did three songs for our studio and the music is beyond what anyone else will have.  Again, no, we do not making any money from this!  Just trying to pass this on to all of you or anyone who would like amazing music for competition solos, duet-trios, groups, productions and more.  She can add great flair to any recital piece.  Sometimes referrals or "word of mouth" is the best way to find something we need

Check her site 

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Thanks for sharing.  I'm always on the look out for a good music editor.
what's the pricing? i would like to mix some songs together and just don't feel good about it...LOL....


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