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introduce the theory of all 5 Postions.  I do not mean, correct body alignment and exact foot position.  But just generally, the concept of 5 positions of the feet.


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Well, I only use 4 positions as I don't use 3rd at all.  I used to, but I find that the longer I used it, 5th became very sloppy.  So, now I don't use it at all.  Even my 9yo use 5th.  I taught younger students (7yo) and used the 3 positions 1st, 2nd, and 5th.  I am a very slow teacher and we stayed for quite a long time during a combination in a proper 5th before moving any leg to a tendu, degage, etc.  They really need muscle memory at this young age and so we stay for a long time in the proper position.

1st, 2nd, third, fourth- (although i think 4th position crossed is sadistic and tears your knees up, especially if you have weight distribution issues!- open 4th , different ballgame) also use 5th after they get the concept of third, but with my 7-8 year olds i am taking it slow slow slowwwwwwwwww..4th i don't do until they get third really really well..... but hey... my methodology is evolving the more i read... gosh i need to read!!!! 

1st and 2nd for preschool, kinders learn all the positions and use 123.  8 year olds drop 3rd, use 5th.  I stopped doing grande plies in fourth a lot.  We do them, of course but not every week especially until they have great body placement and the muscles can really support their knees.

10 or 11 in the Russian Syllabus which I teach

!st- in Primary Level One

2nd- Level 2 and 3

3rd and 5th Levels 3  & 4

4th- in plies and temps lie in LEvel 4

and demonstrate the five positions to the examiner in Level 5 when most kids are 10 and 11

i start first position "kind of"  (pizza slice or piece of pie /small "v"-no actual turnout) at age 3 mixed with a LOT of parallel, Age 4 ,more first postion then add second positon, age 5 ditto, age 6 1/2 -7 ish they face the barre till January/February- i do third..will introduce 5th at the end of the year  at age 8.... 4th position maybe ..still trying to get my whole mindset on how i want to do things..(thanks mom for not wanting to pass on your methodology...ahhhhh family dysfunction!)... still irritated by coupe and coud de pied,(sp) as i find that the when and why and how to introduce it is so conflicting.....

I started the babies in a basic V and parallel, then added second, I added then fifth, then third and 4th last, never ever doing 4th grande until they were well advanced.

I teach it to pre-schoolers to "this old man"  He played 1 (heels kiss)  with a knick, knack (demi plie) give a dog a bone (demi plie) roll arms this old man cam rolling home.  Move to second this old man he played 2 (hold hand up with two fingers and repeat to all 5 positions.  No real turn out just getting used to where the feet are supposed to go. I just took a this old man song and cut it off at 5. 


We also teach it without music first feet, then a few weeks later just arms, then do them together. 

First position hold your birthday cake- no candles on this birthday cake (or Bye- Bye thumbs) 2nd position drop birthday cake, third position umbrella over head, fourth position, one arm comes down- don't squish your tutu, high fifth, low fifth hold baby or ginnea pig- put baby down, "oh no!  We put our baby in our birthday cake!"  they love that part!  But, it gets them to pay attention to the positions and concepts very well!


We also use Al Gilbert Pre-Baby ballet

Heels together turned out toes, that's how first position goes, first position demi plie, straighten the knees, then eleve.  this is for 2nd year pre-schoolers



I introduce them at the pre-school level. I like the Al Gilbert position song. I even use it as the first barre exercise that they learn. We don't do anything in 5th position, just stand heel to toe.
omg wow! Thank you for sharing that, what an amazing wee thing.


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