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Something else I wrote in September, 2008:



I feel sorry for the next president, who will undoubtedly be blamed for the economy's continuing to plummet, much like Hoover was blamed for the disastrous economic policies of Harding and Coolidge (that "whoosh" you just heard was the reference's going over the heads of those whose idea of "history" is, "who won last week's American Idol).

This is why a knowledge of history is important; if the Republicans hadn't been so eager to dismantle the regulatory safeguards that were put into place in 1929, we'd be in better (or at least "less bad") shape now, and if they'd been more successful in repealing them, we'd be even worse off.

When conservatives start advocating deregulation and privatization, a cursory knowledge of history would tell them that the reason things like roads, the postal service, etc. were put under government control was that they were originally private -- and it didn't work.



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yep you called it.  :(


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