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To compound the challenges created by the failure comes my stupid oversight.  We were able to give Studio Owners, Teachers, and Mind Benders about 3 days notice from Nov 16 - 19 that was going away.


Many of the other boards had little traffic but I was so focused on the first three that I forgot to post notices elsewhere.  Costumes, Comps, Ask a *, Music to Dance By and others.  Those visitors that got used to finding the boards using first noticed something was wrong when their website became a big white list of advertisement links.


Now that we have a new home and are very encouraged by the member signup rate, something is missing.  There is no noise out in the halls.  No music thumping in the studios.  No parents in the lobby or parking lot.  The phone isn't even ringing.


We will soon find new competition down the street.  The domain name will be sold again.


The Studio Owners and Teachers Groups here are more private than before.  Visitors and members can't see even the message topics.  Even if 30 of your kids are running around in the lobby and Susie's dad has his monster truck spewing exhaust into the front door - you won't know it unless you go looking for them.  They won't be spying on you or burning your time.  You can silently block private messages from individuals and can take on a policy of not 'friending' students or anyone for that matter.  


You can help.  Use the INVITE tab above and submit your studio mailing list.  This sends invitation emails out and doesn't give us the list.  If they become members they do so voluntarily.  


Should you do it?  I suppose we could take a vote but based on our history with you I'm predicting the result will be split.


We have an opportunity to rethink our mission and stay completely focused on Teachers and Owners.  Currently we have no policy or plan to block dancers or parents so even if you don't invite them others will get in the front door.


In the old place many of you were fine with it that way.  It was fine to have dancers around as long as they were not your dancers.


As you know, dance families and dancers pay the bills and keep the lights on.  We need to figure out which direction to take this site.  Your thoughts?







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I need to think on it a bit....

I need to think too.  I would be glad to invite any dancers or parents that are not mine....

I'm not sure either about the dancers & parents.  But I will send an invite to all my teachers. 

Done...  :)

sent a message out on Facebook as well.  Anything I can do to help further the cause!


Thanks for all you do!

Seriously well played.  Only three invites used in the process.  Thanks much.

I have absolutely no problem opening the site/forums up to the general public as we did before.  I am hopeful that our private boards will remain just that. 

We are using our real names on SO and TO only board so if we post on an open board the "kids" will see names if we invite via studio mailing list.  Right?  We would post on the open boards under our real names too.?

I want to be known as Dancr4ever not my real name on any board except SO or Teachers because of what Wendy said.  I use a different name/email address for people I teach and no one knows this name unless I decide to tell them so I can post freely.  Do you think there's a way we can be known as our previous danceart name on those boards or even on all the boards?

How do you change your screen name on open board?

I know students and parents go on dancemom. com and dance. net - but this is definitelyh the place I go for teachrs and studio owners. 


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